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The Snow Globe
by Jenna Nelson


About the book:

By day, Sondrine Renfrew works at Cimmerian’s Curio Emporium, her aunt’s apothecary and antique shop in London, 1875. By night, she weaves fire, water, and air into both inanimate objects and living creatures. When a hooded stranger offers Sondrine a snow globe in trade for medicinal herbs, she accepts, enchanted by the castle, forest, and sea encapsulated under the glass.

Her enchantment fades, however, when her deceitful aunt betroths her to one of London’s wealthiest men—a complete stranger. Determined to escape the marriage, Sondrine trades her corset for trousers and decides to run away. With one foot out the door, she falls down a veritable rabbit hole into Winterhaven, the haunting world inside the snow globe.

Sondrine soon discovers her arrival in Winterhaven is no accident. There, she meets Shan, a man who broods more than the darkened sky above. Turns out Shan is not to be trusted. Not only is he the man who sold Sondrine the snow globe, he is a bounty hunter employed by the king. The beginnings of a sovereign war have been set in motion and an Immortal queen, one who uses fire as a weapon, is set on destroying Winterhaven. Because of her Elemental gifts, only Sondrine has the means to stop the queen. If Sondrine refuses the king’s request, he will behead her. If she rises to the challenge of killing the Immortal queen, her death is just as imminent. After all, an Immortal queen cannot be killed.

Or can she?

Bio-picture-240x300About the author:

Jenna Nelson grew up in Shoreview, MN, where hanging at the local supermarket was considered a big night out. After graduating from UW-Madison, she drove her 1979 Buick Electra, the largest car known to man, to California to flee the snow and find refuge in the land of film, her favorite pastime.

Soon Jenna noticed that the TV needed turning up, spoken words seemed muted, and everyone sounded like Charlie Brown’s parents. Diagnosed with a significant hearing loss, Jenna turned from movies to books, where every word was savored and none was missed.

A Midwest girl at heart, Jenna lives with her husband and their saved-from-the-pound-pup Clancy. By day she works as the VP of Marketing for a financial firm, by night she weaves tales of nefarious and fantastical worlds.


Hope’s review:

There are very few times that I can give a debut author a 5 star rating. It takes most authors time, experience, heartache and hundreds of re-writes to get to a solid book. Then you quietly stumble across a born storyteller. That’s right, storyteller NOT writer. They create the story you feel part of. Character bios? Yes, but somehow you must have already known these characters. Backstory? Yes, but it flows naturally and the reader seems to be part of it. Plot building? Yes, but that should happen next…it’s what I (the reader) would have done too. Cliffhanger? Moan!, but yes, I’m committed enough to wait. That commitment is saying a lot from me (this reader). I’ve given up on (grown apart from) so many series waiting for the next installment. I won’t on this one! There’s absolutely NO WAY I can go on with life without reading more. Also, I don’t usually re-read books! There are too many new books out there waiting. BUT DON’T BE SURPRISED if you hear about me re-reading this one…it holds so much that I figure a second dose would be just as magical. PS #CoverSnob It’s that cover appealing? You bet your *** it is!

***** 5 stars *****

FTC guidelines require me to disclose that I received a copy of this novel for free. All review comments are honest and my own.


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