#Review #Novella ~ Prophecy (Isle of Myst) by Stacie Wilson @thestaciewilson

I cannot come up with enough to say about Stacie Wilson’s writing. It is absolutely superb! The delicacy of words and flow of story building locked me in from chapter one. I felt one with the bond, love and magic. I hope that Brianna and Drustan’s story continues for many more books and the world of Myst is never lost to us forever thankful readers.

**** 5 of 5 stars ****

As a blogger FTC guidelines require me to disclose all forms of acquisitions. On my own I purchased a physical copy of this novella. The above is an unbiased review. All review comments are honest and my own.

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Discovering their young daughter, Brianna, is now at the center of an ancient war between Light and Dark and hunted by the evil Shadow Master, the King and Queen of Myst are forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice to not only save their child but their magical realm. Prophecy, the first novella in the Isle of Myst series, tells the story of the tragic events that set Brianna’s destiny to try and save two worlds in motion, and forge an unbreakable bond between young hearts.



Brianna was a typical 17 year old girl who didn’t believe in magic or the paranormal. But lately, strange things that she can’t explain have been happening to her. When a stranger named Drustan shows up claiming to be her Guardian, she learns that not only does magic exist, but she is the key to ending a magical war between Light and Dark that has been waged since time began.From the moment she meets Drustan, she feels their connection and is drawn to him in ways she didn’t know were possible. With the help of her two best friends, Brianna will discover exactly who and what she is, unravel an ancient prophecy and battle the Shadow Master to save a world she doesn’t remember.Two worlds separated by Magic..good vs evil..love to be found..who will survive?


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