Dragons Are People, Too by Sarah Nicolas @sarah_nicolas @entangledteen


Dragons Are People, Too
by Sarah Nicolas
Release Date: 04/28/15
Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:
Never judge a dragon by her human cover…

Sixteen-year-old Kitty Lung has everyone convinced she’s a normal teen—not a secret government operative, not the one charged with protecting the president’s son, and certainly not a were-dragon. The only one she trusts with the truth is her best friend—and secret crush—the über-hot Bulisani Mathe.

Then a junior operative breaks Rule Number One by changing into his dragon form in public—on Kitty’s watch—and suddenly, the world knows. About dragons. About the Draconic Intelligence Command (DIC) Kitty works for. About Kitty herself.

Now the government is hunting down and incarcerating dragons to stop a public panic, and a new shape-shifting enemy has kidnapped the president’s son. Kitty and Bulisani are the last free dragons, wanted by both their allies and their enemies. If they can’t rescue the president’s son and liberate their fellow dragons before getting caught themselves, dragons might never live free again.

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About the Author
imageSarah is a 30-something YA author who currently lives in Orlando, FL with a 60-lb mutt who thinks he’s a chihuahua. She believes that some boys are worth trusting, all girls have power, and dragons are people too.

She’s a proud member of the Gator Nation and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but has switched careers entirely. She now works as an Event Coordinator for a County Library and as a freelance book publicist and author’s assistant. She also blogs at YAtopia and video blogs at the YA Rebels.

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The Title is the Thing

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!

Writers usually dread the “where do you get your ideas?” question, but in this case, I love telling this story.

Let me set the scene: It’s a few days before Halloween and me and my BFF Chelsea (who loves to read YA fantasy) are carving pumpkins and drinking more wine than you should drink when you’re handling sharp objects. I’d been querying a previous book about demons and kids with magic.

“What are some comp titles for Miranda’s Fire?” I ask.

Chelsea, who already knows what a comp title is because she listens to every word I utter about publishing, no matter how boring I get, says, “Dragons are People, Too!”

It’s never easy to tell if Chelsea is kidding. Just the other day she told me a story about a statue falling down and how thirty people rushed to catch it until it could be repaired and I still don’t know whether that’s true or not. “I don’t,” I start, hesitantly. “I don’t think I’ve head of that.”

“Oh, I just made it up!” She laughs.

I never did get a good comp title suggestion. But I started thinking about the book title. I could write that, I think. Like, Dragons are literally people, too.

“I’m going to get a kitty and name it Dragon,” Chelsea always used to say.

I finally came up with a decent reply one day. “Well, I’m going to get a dragon and name it Kitty.”

Your move, Chelsea.



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