GIVEAWAY ~ Zombie Crawl Blog Party

scary zombie on orange sky background

They’re coming. They’re here.
Are you prepared?

Start taking notes ~

Gnawing Facts

~ Generic weapons are always preferable to custom or rare firearms with rarer forms of ammunition.

~ There are certain “hot spots” for zombie infection, including hospitals, police stations, churches, malls, and department stores.

~ Zombies aren’t great conversationalists so you can forget trying to talk your way out of this one.

~ One of the most well organized zombie survivalist sites is ZCORE, which stands for Zombie Coalition Offensive Response Elite. It costs $4 to join.


Will you join by Band of Zombie Killers? I’m offering a Giveaway to help you prepare for the inevitable!!


Zombie Crawl Blog Party Schedule

Party Host & Grand Prize: Band of Dystopian

October 22

Hope To Read | Author Jamie Canosa

October 23

Author E.R. Arroyo

October 24

Author Christy Sloat | Author N.W. Harris

October 25

Author David Moon

October 26

Two Girls & A Book

October 27

Secret Life of a Townie | The Writer’s Roadtrip

Author Michael Halliday | Author Aria Michaels

Imagine, Create, Share, Repeat!

October 29

Precious Monsters | Author Kate L. Mary

Z Plan – Zombie Book Series | Author Michelle Muckley

October 30

Author Rhiannon Frater | Author Cameo Renae

Author Angela Cavanaugh

October 31

Author Jessica Meigs

I Feel the Need, the Need to Read


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