October GIVEAWAY & REVIEW ~ eBook/app Finn’s Adventures by Irene Wellershoff

by Irene Wellershoff
illustrated by Jan Birck

To be published by Bastei Entertainment as three eBook apps in English, German and Mandarin Chinese available for IOS and Android devices.


Young Finn is forever up to mischief, and is an expert at making himself scarce before he gets into trouble! As he flees, he embarks on various adventures, making new friends along the way, and facing terrifying villains. Thanks to his ingenious plans and with help from his friends, Finn defeats an evil dragon, survives in the jungle and outsmarts vicious pirates at sea.

The much-loved cheeky and imaginative Finn’s Adventures by Irene Wellershoff and beautifully illustrated by Jan Birck are to be published [date] as three interactive animated apps, available for iOS and Android, With engaging interactive animations, fun sound effects, read-aloud functions, readers can help Finn survive his next adventure and return home safely! Games

Finn and the Dragon

imageFinn’s in trouble again – whilst playing with water balloons, he  accidentally hit his next-door neighbour! As he runs away, he finds himself in front of a castle…and facing a huge dragon! Can he and Sir Edward defend the castle and drive away the evil dragon?


Finn in the Jungle

imageFinn was only trying to defend his family from intruders – he didn’t mean to trip his sister Jenny into the flower bed. Sulking, he storms into the jungle, meeting wild cats, deadly snakes and hungry crocodiles. But someone is cutting down all the trees in the jungle. Can Finn and his new friend Joey the Orangutan stop them?


Finn and the Pirates

imageFinn’s mother has warned Finn not to splash around in the bath – but he just can’t resist! Suddenly an extra-large wave washes him out to sea, where he’s rescued by a fishing boat crewed by Captain Flint, Long John and Fat Pete. And when they’re attacked by pirates, Finn has the perfect plan…


Hope’s Review
5 stars

I received copies of Finn and the Dragon, and Finn and the Pirates from the publicist JKSCommunications in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and come from personally reading and experiencing the content.

Finn is an energetic, precocious, yet lovable little boy. Children all ages, and adults too, can relate to his adventurous nature. If there’s trouble to be made and friendship and love to be had, Finn is the one in charge!

The eBook has been developed as an interactive app. Each page of the book has textual dialogue for children to work through but those pages also have intriguing illustrations with interactive click points. Joyful noise of the Pirates’ Argh! and a Dragon’s fiery breathe.

These eBooks were a hit with both my 7 year old and 10 year old. I look forward to Finn in the Jungle and further Finn Adventures.

imageIrene Wellershoff is a German author and television editor at the public service television broadcaster ZDF. Irene’s PR.

imageJan Birck is a German illustrator and cartoonist. Jan on Facebook and Website.




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