Bring Back Nice Blog Hop #dokindness

Bring Back Nice


Can you “Bring Back Nice”?


How about in less than five steps or five minutes?


I bet WE can!

Let’s work together and WE can accomplish anything WE set our minds to.

This Bring Back Nice movement is being started with just 9 volunteers.

But with your help WE can turn that movement into

over 387 MILLION participants!

Based on the Six Degrees of Separation Theory your like, share, comment or participation will multiple that starting 9 into over 387 MILLION…all you have to do is start then ask those after you to follow your example!

I’ll get us started:


The Family Dinner Project

Research has shown what parents have known for a long time: Sharing a fun family meal is good for the spirit, brain and health of all family members. Through this movement, families will come together to share their experiences and insights to help each other realize the benefits of family dinners. Together, they’ll figure out the resources needed – like tips for setting dinnertime goals, overcoming obstacles such as conflicting schedules and engaging everyone in meaningful conversation – to improve the frequency and quality of their mealtime interaction.

Some of the specific benefits of family dinners are: Higher self-esteem Greater sense of resilience

How many families have gotten away from family dinners? How many bring their cellphones to the table? Do you have family, neighbors and friends who might benefit from this way to “Bring Back Nice”?


Go ahead, reach out to those 387 MILLION.

Each of the other 8 stops will be sharing their own way to “Bring Back Nice”.


Please visit the next Hop Stop

California Scrappin’

to see how you can continue to make a difference.


Bring Back Nice Blog Hop hosted by Heart Hugs Designs

Full Bring Back Nice Blog Hop Schedule:

Heart Hugs Designs

Tweety Bugs House

Cards & Coffee

Jazzy Paper Designs

Hope To Read

California Scrappin’

Queen Conundrum

Paper Grace

Pia’s Paper Haven

Please visit each of the nine blogs and “Bring Back Nice” by posting a comment, following the blog, or any other Random Act of Kindness you can think of. Let’s show our blogs who participated in the Hop how much we appreciate them!




  1. I love that you used the Six Degrees of Separation analogy since it’s sooo true! I’m hoping that in some way we’ll all reach a few new people that will in turn reach more people. Wouldn’t this country be so much better if we were all just NICER to each other? ♥


  2. Great idea with the Family Dinners. I wish I had done that with my kids as they were growing up. I now encourage the families with whom I work to have dinner together as often as they can.


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