GUEST POST ~ Stealing Time (Waiting For Dusk #3) by Nancy Pennick

image Title: Stealing Time Series: Waiting For Dusk #3 Author: Nancy Pennick Genre: Young Adult Drew from the past… ​​ ​​Kate from the present… ​​ ​​Two worlds collided. As senior year comes to a close, a promise of new beginnings is on the horizon. Kate longs to head to Arizona and college until her former friend, Tyson, does the unimaginable forcing her to stay in Ohio. Her family has to pull together to keep their secrets safe. Anna wishes to return to the canyon in 1927 once more and Kate’s determined to make that a reality. Summer’s filled with wonderful memories and little warning of things to come. Kate’s world grows darker and she must be the one to conquer the demons and save the world that is most precious to her. Amazon UK Amazon USA Fire and Ice Smashwords Nancy’s Guest Post ~ Walking the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon plays a large part in my book. It’s used as the setting for Kate’s dream world and becomes important in her real life, too. It was on my bucket list and I finally got there a few years ago. We stayed in Grand Canyon Village and were able to explore the canyon rim. Since we were there for only one night, this was the best place to start. One of the first places you come to on the rim walk is Lookout Studio. This stone structure has great views of the canyon from every window plus an outdoor deck. Its neighbor is Kolb Studio, built by Emery and Ellsworth Kolb. Perched on the canyon’s rim, it looks like it could topple into the canyon but don’t worry, it’s solidly built. This is where my character, Drew, interned during the summer of 1927. The trail into the canyon is called Angel Bright. The park didn’t have rights to that path yet. It was controlled by Ralph Cameron, a powerful U.S. Senator. He charged $1 for its use. The park eventually won control of the trail in 1928. Drew took Kate for a walk on this path and she was surprised they had to pay. Since she lived in the present, she longed to tell him there was no longer a fee and the park had control of this famous trail. National Parks are our country’s treasures and once you see the Grand Canyon, you’ll know why it needs to be preserved and protected. It was an honor to use the Grand Canyon as a backdrop for my time travel novel. About Nancy Pennick: image After a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Ohio is her home but she loves to travel the U.S. Her debut young adult novel, Waiting for Dusk, was a surprise to her as much as it was to her family. Watching a PBS series on National Parks, her mind wandered to another place and that is where the characters of Katie and Andrew were born. Call of the Canyon and Stealing Time continue their story. The Swedish influences found in the books came from her mother whose parents emigrated from Sweden. Nancy currently resides in Mentor, Ohio with her husband and their college-age son. Amazon Facebook Page Goodreads Twitter Website

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