It’s a Bookish Bro-mance

I’d like to say that my Monday is starting off wonderfully!
My bookish friend has agreed to work with me on this blog and I’m so thrilled
that I may start sounding like I’m in a bookish “bro-mance” (= friend romance).
Carol and I met online (he..he)
She and I are on book-sites daily!
It was fate, destiny, stalking…whatever the law allows for in your state 🙂

Here is a brief intro to this fabulous woman and don’t disappear
because you will start seeing more from her real soon!

Carol - ReviewerHi! My name is Carol. I am a wife, mother of two great adult children, and I admit that I am an obsessive reader. I have been all my life but have more time as of late to indulge my addiction. Within the pages of books I have visited lands I could never have dreamed of and am thrilled to have the chance to share that with you. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share some of the books with you that have given me so much joy. Come and visit me on Goodreads. Happy Reading!

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