The Key by Jennifer Anne Davis

The Key (The True Reign Series, #1)The Key by Jennifer Anne Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jennifer Anne Davis‘ writing shows that she is an especially seasoned author. She has an engaging style and her latest book The Key shows that she is an author who will undoubtedly be popular for a very long time.

The Key brings us into the depressed and oppressive land of Greenwood Island. Once a prosperous land ruled lovingly by a fair royal family now a land ruled by a more sadistic presence. King Barjon, along with his sons Lennek and Darmik, rules by force and fear. Citizens are forbidden to travel outside their home regions. Legally categorized by tattoo branding of all and identification bands for females. A desperate people hovering on the desire for “more” or war!

Young Rema, a horse merchant’s niece, has been competently educated by her Aunt and Uncle but hidden from society. Rema dreams of being able to run wild like her beloved horses and explore the lands outside her humble upbringing. A chance meeting plummets her involuntarily into the cat and mouse game of love and/or duty. Her heart seems to always be in the right place. She cares for others but will it be outside forces that are her undoing?

Jennifer Anne Davis has built engaging characters from the first to last page. Rema is impossible not to love and cheer for at every turn. King Barjon and Lennek are villains even the Reaper would be afraid to cross. An epic YA fantasy that I recommend to all YA fans.

I’d like to thank Jennifer Anne Davis and Clean Teen Publishing for the opportunity to review this advanced reader copy and give my honest review. I look forward to continuing the journey with Rema in the remainder of the series.

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