FadeoutFadeout by Christina J. Adams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Memory is the answer, emotions are the key…”

Silas, Malina, and the other Carillian children are out of time. Youth is fleating and age is a non-commodity. Their time on the Cartiam, a human farm, has reached its maturity and emotions are running high. But that is exactly what the Tireans and hoping for. Cartiam owner Lemuel Pelacroix and his son Jamar want to drain the Carillian for every dollar their minds can offer. The Machine will do just that. “The answer is Carillians for the Machine.” The Machine is designed to extract emotional memories that will be used to power the electricity of all higher classes.

Silas is determined to escape the farm with his sister, Malina, and his life! Is he tempting death? Can he avoid drawing attention to himself and his plan when the Cartiam’s owner’s son has singled him out? What does the world outside the farm offer?

It did take me a few chapters to grasp the flow of the story line. Each chapter flip flops from the viewpoint of Silas and Jamar. I found this hard to follow at first. There is also not one set character that I could like or get behind. Although you possibly do want good to overcome bad, none of the characters were ones that stood out in strength or grabbed your emotions.

The story is a tragic one. Four distinct social classes, each looking down on the ones below and taking advantage when possible. Birth is the only thing that determines your rank in life.

Silas and the other Carillian are abused and mistreated. Life on the farm is regulated like today’s US penal system. Mirroring the mundane monotony of loss of freedom and rights. Shouldn’t they have fought back and overcome their situations? Can escape guarantee a better life?

I give Fadeout by author Christina J. Adams 3 out of 5 stars. I would image that most Dystopian fans will enjoy it just as much. Do take time to let the story unfold before you. When despair has taken over and you feel the story will end the worst way you might just be somewhat (not pleasantly) surprised.

I’d like to thank the author for providing me a copy of the book to review. Receiving this copy in no way has influenced my review.

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