The Ancient Codex (Split Blood #1)

The Ancient Codex (Split Blood, #1)The Ancient Codex by Louise Herman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She knew it was wrong.

Star-crossed lovers Faith and Rohan are chased by everything unimaginable. All each of them want is time together and to not be held to a future they did not chose. Louise Herman author of The Ancient Codex

The Ancient Codex (Split Blood, #1)

has begun readers’ exploration into a counterworld of our own. This was a fairly easy read. However, there were times that is was over narrated. We’ve all read books that stumbled at times but this one does not lose too much of its charm at those moments…along with minor gramatical errors.

Faith and her sister Raven have been kept in the dark regarding their special legacy within the world of humans and supernaturals. “A world filled with magic, witches, werewolves, vampires and fairies trying to exist in the modern 21st Century.” Not only that but their futures have already been decided for them.

In flies Rohan, irresistible succubus. Uh oh! Didn’t anyone read their Ancient Codex homework? This isn’t allowed. But with the help of all their modern thinking friends who fight witch, vampire, fairy, and werewolf racism lines, their attraction will have a chance to be born and grow.

There will be six books in the Split Blood series. Book #2 expected to release November 2013.

To learn more about Faith and Rohan’s ancestors you can download Blood Moon

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