Such Great Heights (A Novel) by Chris Cole

Such Great Heights
Such Great Heights by Chris Cole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

…the impossible love story of kid billionaire Joss Stember and heiress Maisey Landing.

I was once again honored as a recipient of a read-to-review. The current book copy was Such Great Heights (A Novel) by Chris Cole. Being only 214 pages in length it was a quick read one night. Although it quick, I was disappointed by the story in some ways.

I do like a quick read. I like a book that captures my attention and dares me to not let go…while keeping my eyes wide open and hands off the steering wheel! This was not quick for any of those reasons. From the onset on the story too much happened too fast. There was no build up and nothing to sink my teeth into. About 70% of the way though I was offered a few small morsels to savor but a few unanswered questions at the end left a bad taste in my mouth.

Without turning this review into a spoiler alert I will just say…”What was it Joss was setting up for Charlie and why didn’t we find out?” Now forgiven me if there is supposed to be a sequel, trilogy, etc. but I have read no mention or hint on one.

Charlie Middle, average Midwestern male teenager, is our narrator. In my opinion, and I believe to the demise of the story, Charlie seems too feminine in character to be a Midwestern male teenager. I do like his part in the story and his take on the gives and takes but I believe he appeals to me because he acts and talks like a girl. Except for occasional backwoods eye fondling incest of his cousin.

The biggest obstacle of the story is how each chapter flip-flips between the past and the present. I am never a fan of this writing style. To me, it always takes away from the purposeful flow of a story. If you are like me, be warned! This story flip-flops and they are not your favorite pair that you wear everywhere…they’re the ones with the strap broken!

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